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Scott Aspect 940 white L size

On 7.8.2018 early morning (between 1 and 4 am) from the Kounicova dormitory inner yard my bicycle was stolen. It is white with black text on it, has extra horns on the handlebars and both wheels have 2 yellow reflectors each as seen in the pictures. Also the black plastic mudsavers: one under the seat, and another at the front wheel. Please, if anyone sees is in Brno or bazaar, please, contact me or police as soon as possible! Thanks in advance! Serial number: 238296008

Kategorie: kola-sport
Lokalita: Jihomoravsko
Datum vložení: 8.8.2018

Foto 1 - Scott Aspect 940 white L size

Foto 2 - Scott Aspect 940 white L size